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Certified respirators made in the Czech Republic

When we were surprised by the news of the spread of a new type of Covid 19 virus a few months ago, we hoped that this situation would be resolved in a short time and everything would return to normal. The present time has convinced us that this will definitely not be the case in the foreseeable future. If we ever deal with a new virus, then it will certainly be a long way off.

It is already clear that, for example, so many "washed" veils and other face shields will become a regular part of our lives. We are a Czech, dynamically developing company that immediately responded to this challenge and invested in production lines for the production of protective equipment that is truly high quality and will protect against possible infection.

The quality material of Czech production

An important issue in the production of masks and respirators is undoubtedly the production material. Surely each of us remembers that the effectiveness of some protective equipment that was imported from abroad was a bit controversial due to low-quality textile materials.

The company uses exclusively Czech products, which are developed in cooperation with the Technical University of Liberec. Their first-class quality is guaranteed.

It is said that the new virus is becoming part of our world, but it is certainly better to come to terms with this fact and prepare for the future than to wait for a miracle. Protecting yourself and your loved ones is the number one issue these days. And this is only possible with quality protective equipment.

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