DRAGS IMUN Will Get You Back On Your Feet

Drags Imun will get you back on your feet

DRAGS IMUN Will Get You Back On Your Feet


A story about Drags Imun application, by Mrs. Dana Š. from Tasov.

Due to great fatigue and joint pain, I have decided to undergo an examination with the Supertronic device at the Energy Center in Třebíč. Following the diagnostics, Mr. J. Molík recommended that I use Drags Imun 3x per day by mixing 10 drops of the product in plum brandy and water (½ + ½ shot glass). Leading up to this moment, I could not stand this type of liquor. Still, knowing that a spirit infusion accelerates the effect I started the treatment.

After the first dosage, I already felt like I had been reborn. I have continued with this therapy for another three weeks, combining it with 5 drops of Regalen 2x per day. I have regained my appetite for life. Today, the state I was in then, would be labeled chronic fatigue syndrome. I am very grateful to Mr. Molík for his expert advice. This event took place 17 years ago. Considering that there has been a big surge in identified and unidentified cases of Lyme disease lately, it is imperative to mention the amazing tree Croton lechleri, from which „dragon´s blood is extracted.

I believe it is much more helpful than antibiotics, which are currently used to treat (or more likely suppress) Lyme disease. Often times, clients seek me out because they are still not feeling well after the completion of conventional treatment. I am very happy to show them the ways in which they can help themselves.

Drags Imun will get you back on your feet


Last year´s vacation in Tunisia, with my two friends, gave us enough opportunities to make use of our Energy products, which we never leave behind even for shorter trips.

On the approximately third day of our stay, my friend got stung by a bee while eating a melon on the beach. The bite was on the middle finger of her hand (meridian of the sac located around the heart – pericardium). Her finger started to swell and the swelling was spreading across her forearm. It was clear she had been overworking herself and it was time to deal with the consequences. Infection attacked the weakened spots on her body. It moved around to the back of her hand, index finger, and her thumb. A projection of additional exhausting organs – large intestine and lungs.

First, I applied Drags Imun to the wound site. I remembered how fast and efficient the drops were mixed with alcohol when I was suffering from Lyme disease. This was the reason why I put „the dragon“ into a bottle of my home-made walnut liqueur mixed with water. The treatment was 10 drops 2x per day served in a shot glass filled ½ with walnut liqueur + ½ with In addition to this, applying Artrin on the affected site against the pain while spreading Ruticelit on the forearm.

When I was making my home-made liqueur, my intentions were always for it to help with healing, and so it did by speeding up my friends´ recovery. In 2 days, her arm was fine. If it was not for Energy products, she would have had to undergo a medical intervention, a more invasive one, I suppose. To think we were actually worried we will not be able to drink ¼ liter of walnut liqueur!

Most of you can imagine how pleasant it is when the air temperature is around 40 degrees. The advantage of a hotel is that we had airconditioning, but it is better if you do not let it blow directly at you. Unfortunately, one of the beds in our room was positioned exactly opposite the airconditioning unit, and we had to use it even at night time. For me, it was intolerable because it was noisy (I barely had any sleep), and it caused my friend to catch a cold. Two days before our departure she started to lose her voice, developed a sore throat and her joints ached.

Drags Imun went into action again, but this time without the walnut liqueur. Even so, it was efficient enough in combination with Flavocel, Chlorella, and Artrin. We spread the cream on her neck, nape, forehead, kidneys, and ankles. In addition, we used moxibustion to expel the harmful cold and wind. In the evening, our friend thanked us for our help.

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Drags Imun will get you back on your feet

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