ENERGY GROUP, a. s. Czech Republic

ENERGY GROUP, a. s. Czech Republic

ENERGY GROUP, a. s. Czech Republic

The foundations of ENERGY company were laid more than 20 years ago, based on the idea of innovative holistic care for the human body.

From the very beginning ENERGY Group, a.s. Czech Republic (ENERGY) cooperates with doctors and medical professionals and therapists from various fields. The closest cooperators are members of the Board of Experts that is a guarantee of the high standard of provided products and services and is responsible for the continuous increase of the professional credentials of the company. 

ENERGY respects the latest scientific advances while drawing on the knowledge and experience of traditional teachings in the philosophy of medicine.

ENERGY view their products and their all-round, sensitively-tailored customer care as an inseparable whole. High-quality and in-depth diagnostics, lectures, courses, their own magazines, and professional training are just part of the wide range we regularly provide and expand for all clients.

ENERGY feel and firmly believe that human contact is irreplaceable in this day and age. That’s why they are constantly expanding not only the list of authorized locations where the products and inseparable care can be obtained but also the countries where they provide these services. Just as energy knows no bounds, they too are creating a space in which they can move without any restrictions.

All of the ENERGY products are as natural as possible. Active ingredients largely come from wild harvesting or organic farming. They don’t use anonymous suppliers. They strive to recognize the value of all places and people behind the individual medicinal herbs, precious oils, essences, and other ingredients used in the manufacture of our products.

We are an official partner of ENERGY Group a.s. See our Club Card below.

ENERGY Operating Markets:

  • Europe: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Austria
  • USA
  • China

If you would like to become a local partner in your destination, contact us we will help you.

ENERGY is responsible for using only the most selective, purest, and most effective active ingredients available to maintain the sheer excellence of our products. Developments and formulations are always guided solely by the resulting value of products so that they can look at the customers in the eye.

ENERGY takes responsibility for all shortcomings, they learn openly from their own mistakes, and they try to capitalize on these lessons in a way that can only take us forwards.

Innovative nutraceuticals, therapeutic and care cosmetics, and veterinary products – all of the products are as natural, gentle, and extremely effective as can be. In the development, they maintain a broad platform of ideas and keep track of synergic links between the professional public, medical circles, and therapists.

Company Name: ENERGY GROUP, a. s.
Address: Jeseniova 55, 130 00 Prague 3, Czech Republic

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