Energy Regeneration in Pentagram

Energy Regeneration in Pentagram

Energy Regeneration in Pentagram

Pentagram of Herbal Concentrates

The cornerstone of Energy’s product range comprises five natural herbal concentrates forming a coherent system called Regeneration in Pentagram®.

Five concentrates are structured to correspond to the energy of the five essential natural elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Earth, Fire. These products complement and balance each other and, altogether, they constitute a system for efficient regeneration of the body.

We view our products and our all-round, sensitively-tailored customer care as an inseparable whole. High-quality and in-depth diagnostics, lectures, courses, our own magazines, and professional training are just part of the wide range we regularly provide and expand for all of our clients.

The Pentagram of herbal concentrates is a cornerstone of our offer. It is based on a holistic approach to a human, respecting the fact that body and mind are interconnected. It rests upon the ancient Yin-Yang theory and the theory of five elements, updated by the latest knowledge of modern science.

The preparations operate on two main levels in the human organism: Through phytotherapy, they influence individual body organs, and, through homeopathic components, they act upon the controlling subcortical centers in the brain and influence the very source of a disease. These five herbal concentrates are composed to correspond to the energies of the five basic natural elements and to help bring all life processes in the body into a balanced state: Vironal – Metal, Regalen – Wood, Renol – Water, Gynex – Earth, Korolen – Fire.

Energy Pentagram

Pentagram of Regenerating Creams

As supplements to herbal concentrates, five Pentagram bio-information creams are available, corresponding to the energies of the five elements as well: Droserin – Metal, Protektin – Wood, Artrin – Water, Cytovital – Earth, Ruticelit – Fire.

Their thoroughly tailored formulas contain exceptional 50 % of herbal extract and are rich in protective substances. Other important components include tertiary thermal water, humates with anti-inflammatory effects as well as extracts of precious resins (myrrh, incense, Croton lechleri) providing a maximum regenerating effect.

Pentagram creams are exceptional not only for their composition, but also for the possibilities of their therapeutic usage. They easily penetrate the skin from where they get into tissues, thus positively influencing not only the very skin but also the deep down situated organs and their systems.

ENERGY Pentagram of Regenerating Creams

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