Five Ways To Take Hemp For Health

Five Ways To Take Hemp For Health

Five Ways To Take Hemp For Health

Mankind has used the medicinal and other properties of cannabis to its advantage for thousands of years, but in our society most people have long shunned the plant. So it is not surprising that many people have some doubts about the medicinal potential of this plant. Below, you can read five basic ways to take cannabis effectively for health purposes:


A cannabis extract is essentially a concentrate of the active ingredients from the plant. During production, the plant material is separated from the resin, producing a sticky, oily mixture of varying coloration. It can be used to make various types of preparations. Older people usually enjoy drops or oils, which are essentially an extract dissolved in some carrier – most often an oil of plant origin, or in alcohol. These drops are taken orally and can be of legal origin (THC-free) containing the active ingredient CBD. However, different amounts suit each person. Extracts are also given in the form of capsules, ointments, gels, etc. 


Consumption of the female flowers and leaves means ingesting completely different substances from those inhaled or consumed when cannabis is processed. In its fresh form, cannabinoid acid is consumed, which not only acts as a powerful antioxidant but has proven anti-inflammatory effects. They can be effective in the fight against diabetes and many other diseases of civilisation. In addition, no psychoactive effects occur in this form. One of cannabis’s biggest promoters – Californian physician William Courtney – recommends that the elderly consume fresh cannabis as a prevention against neuro-degenerative diseases. Combined with other fruits or vegetables, it can make delicious smoothies, for example.

3. VAPORISATION (inhalation)

In a vaporizer, the plant material is not burned as in smoking, but heated, and at a quite low temperature. This makes it possible to inhale fine cannabis vapours instead of irritating smoke. At the same time, the heavy load that accompanies the burning of cannabis in pipes or joints is partly avoided. It smells good to some, but most people can’t stand it.


Dishes made from cannabis are the most natural way to consume it. Edibles can offer relief to those suffering from pain or insomnia. Unlike inhalation, for example, it works for up to six hours. However, beware that cooked food with a higher THC content can have psychoactive effects. Therefore, cannabis snacks should not be overdone (if the cannabis contains THC). The effects are visible after about three minutes, but sometimes after two hours.


Cannabis ointments are not only a great cosmetic treatment for the skin, but also serve for local pain relief, regeneration or treatment of superficial injuries. The substances contained in hemp have strong anti-inflammatory effects, thanks to which it can relieve pain and inflammation associated with, for example, widespread arthrosis. In addition, the application of hemp ointment to the skin does not induce a state of stupefaction, which most people also appreciate. Cannabinoids in the form of ointments, creams, tinctures or oils act topically in the area to which you apply it.

Source: Cannabis Magazine

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