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Drags Imun will get you back on your feet

DRAGS IMUN Will Get You Back On Your Feet

LYME DISEASEA story about Drags Imun application, by Mrs. Dana Š. from Tasov.Due to great fatigue and joint pain,... read more

Cistus Incanus - Rockrose

Energy Cistus Complex: The Natural Way To Fight Viruses Using Cistus Incanus

Energy Cistus Complex is a natural product that has the concentration of 45% CISTUS INCANUS as part of its... read more

Cross-Border E-Commerce Shipping To China

The Ultimate Cross-Border E-Commerce Shipping To China: Answering All Your Questions

First of all, thank you. Being here means you love our products, and you are ready to make a purchase.... read more

Regalen Drops – Herbal Regenerative Product

Regalen Herbal Drops – Effects, Use, Psyche

Regalen Energy is a bioinformatic broad-spectrum herbal regenerative product, manufactured according to newest findings in phytotherapy, psychotronics, crystal therapy... read more

Reishi – The Immortality Mushroom

Reishi – The Immortality Mushroom

Ganoderma lucidum mushroom, better known in the world as miraculous mushroom reishi, is one of the oldest natural remedies... read more

Order in our WeChat Mini Program

Order in our WeChat Mini Program, 微信小程序下单

Today we start our new WeChat mini program (微信小程序下单) for our Chinese clients. You can open our store: or... read more

Breeding Ridgebacks - How to improve ridges, decrease ridgeless puppies, and avoid dermoid sinus

Breeding Ridgebacks

HOW TO IMPROVE RIDGES, DECREASE RIDGELESS PUPPIES, AND AVOID DERMOID SINUS Rhodesian Ridgebacks are a beautiful breed of dog from... read more

Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog

Rhodesian Ridgeback – Sampling Instructions

Instructions for Blood Sampling  Ask your veterinarian to take a blood sample of your dog.Collect 0.5 - 1 ml of blood... read more

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