Main Areas of ENERGY Ointments Applications

Main Areas of ENERGY Ointments Applications

Main Areas of ENERGY Ointments Applications

As for supplements to herbal concentrates, five Pentagram bio-information creams are available, corresponding to the energies of the five elements as well:

  • Droserin – Metal
  • Protektin – Wood
  • Artrin – Water
  • Cytovital – Earth
  • Ruticelit – Fire

Their thoroughly tailored formulas contain an exceptional 50% of herbal extract and are rich in protective substances. Other important components include tertiary thermal water, humates with anti-inflammatory effects as well as extracts of precious resins (myrrh, incense, Croton lechleri) providing a maximum regenerating effect. Pentagram creams are exceptional not only for their composition but also for the possibilities of their therapeutic usage. They easily penetrate the skin from where they get into tissues, thus positively influencing not only the very skin but also the deep down situated organs and their systems.

Method of Application

Apply creams 1 – 3 times a day on the affected areas in a thin layer. It can be applied to reflex zones, acupuncture points and organ placement sites for both chronic and acute problems.

Energy ARTRIN – Herbal Cream

Artrin cream helps with musculoskeletal problems and diseases of the urogenital tract.

Energy CYTOVITAL – Herbal Cream

Cytovital cream is suitable for the nutrition and regeneration of the skin and the harmonization of the hormonal system.

Energy RUTICELIT – Herbal Cream

Ruticelit cream is the strength and elasticity of blood vessels and vascular capillaries.

Energy PROTEKTIN – Herbal Cream

Protektin cream has regenerating and cleansing effects on the skin.

Energy DROSERIN – Herbal Cream

Droserin cream is used for its antiviral and antibacterial effects.

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