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  • Brain Health
  • Blood Pressure
  • Mental Balance
  • Cardiovascular System

Bio-information herbal concentrate.

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Use of the Herbal Concentrate KOROLEN Drops

Korolen Energy corresponds to the fire element in the Pentagram® regeneration concept.

The active ingredients of the extract support the functions of the cardiovascular system* (common St. John’s wort) and the vascular system (horse chestnut). Lapacho helps keep blood pressure in check** and garlic has a positive effect on cholesterol levels. Maidenhair tree maintains normal brain performance and a balanced mental state****. For enhanced effects, we recommend combining the use of Korolen with the Ruticelit cream, part of the Pentagram® line of therapeutic creams.

Use of KOROLEN Drops from the Mental Point of View

Behavioral disturbances, uneasiness, hysteria, emotional instability, inability to make new acquaintances, speech impediments (logorrheic speech or, on the contrary, inability to communicate), memory and sleep disorders, forgetfulness, lack of motivation, and desire for life. Korolen may boost vitality and zest for life. It may open your inner self and positively influence the development of long-forgotten abilities.

* Statements provided are EFSA compliant.

Energy KOROLEN Active Ingredients

Herbal extract (maidenhair tree – leaf, common St. Johnswort – stem/leaf, yellow poui – bark, great burnet – root, horse chestnut – flower, alfalfa – stem/leaf, European field pansy – stem/leaf, garden cornflower – flower, great globe thistle – plant, buckbean – leaf, English lavender – flower, English oak – bark, garlic – bulb, caraway – fruit, lingonberry – leaf, dill – fruit, garden ginger – root), a blend of natural, blend of natural essences (spikenard, litsea, grapefruit, Murraya, cardamom, pennyroyal, rue, dill, lavender, cumin, palmarosa, rosemary, Ylang-Ylang).

  • Ginkgo Biloba is used in chronic brain insufficiency, memory loss, arterial disease, headaches, senility, and dementia. It is effective against free radicals and slows the process of aging.
  • Lapacho is an old Indian drug used in the treatment of cancer, leukemia, and other oncologic diseases. It is also used in systemic mycoses, liver dysfunction, anemia, and immunosuppressive conditions and in dysfunction of the endocrine system.
  • Hypericum Perforatum is effective in neurological disease, insomnia, migraine, depression, gastric ulcers, flatulence, liver and gall-bladder disease, AIDS. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and it regenerates tissues.
  • Aesculus Hippocastanum increases the elasticity and resistance of blood vessels, it stimulates the adrenal glands. It is used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, varicose ulcers, migraine, atherosclerosis, strokes, and diseases of peripheral circulation.
  • Echinops Sphaerocephalus contains the non-poisonous alkaloid echinopsine, which regulates the function of the parasympathetic autonomous nervous system. It improves memory, hearing, and vision. It restores the function of fine nerves and of neural centers in the brain. It is used in paralysis, neuralgia, inflammation, and damage of the spinal cord, and as a cardiotonic agent.
  • Menyanthes Trifoliata contains iodine phytoncides, manganese, and iron. It is used in the liver, gall bladder, and blood production dysfunction. Also in headaches, rheumatism, fever, neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve, gastritis, and in general exhaustion.
  • Sanguisorba Officinalis is used as an antipyretic agent and in homeostasis. It has very good anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is an anti-protozoa agent. It is used in lung disease, and it activates vital centers.
  • Lavandula Spica contains antocyanogens protecting cells against malignant transformation, decreases blood pressure, and has antibiotic properties. It is used in neurological and gastrointestinal disease, in hay fever. It stimulates greater enzyme production in the pancreas.
  • Medicago Sativa contains potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, beta-carotene, vitamins B1, B2, K, C, D, and is very alkaline. It strengthens the body in general. It is used in anemia, rheumatism, and edema. It has a positive effect on the thyroid gland, the hypophysis, the kidneys, and the spleen.
  • Vaccinium Vitis – Idea has disinfectant properties and contains vitamin C. It is used in inflammation, in urologic, hematological, and locomotory system disease, in diabetes. It excretes salts from the organism.
  • Quercus Robur has an antibiotic and detoxicating property. It is useful in cases of acetone aspiration. It is used in diarrhea, inflammation of the gums, and the GIT. It prevents the spread of bacterial infection from the intestinal tract to the urogenital region.
  • Carum carvi: eliminates the effects of solanine, it has a bacteriostatic effect against parasites. It is used in smooth muscle spasms, flatulence, and to stimulate gastric and intestinal exocrine glands.
  • Anethum Graveolens increases cardiac blood flow. It is used in angina pectoris, in the prevention of ischemic cardiac disease, after myocardial infarctions. It has spasmolytic, diuretic, and disinfectant properties in the urinary tract. It destroys intestinal parasites.
  • Zingiber Officinalis stimulates the circulatory system, increases peripheral blood return, decrease flatulence and colic, stimulates transudation, decreases blood cholesterol levels, prevents motion sickness. It is used in states of general exhaustion, and a lack of energy. It stimulates the lungs during infections.
  • Viola tricolor: is used in allergies, rheumatism, arterial, and skin diseases. It increases peripheral blood return and the accumulation of calcium in bones. It suppresses bleeding into tissue and has anti-oedematous properties. It accelerates the excretion of toxins from the body.
  • Cyanus Segetum eliminates the negative effects of ergot. It is a diuretic and cholagogue. It is used in inflammation of the eyes. It has a positive effect on the lymphatic system and on metabolism.
  • Allium Sativum contains selenium and germanium, which have anti-cancerogenic and anti-mycotic properties. It acts as an antibiotic and it is used in immunosuppression, diabetes, and cardiovascular and oncologic disease. It eliminates the negative effects of gases, varnish, petroleum, petrol; and it lowers blood cholesterol.

KOROLEN Drops Additional Info

Recommended Daily Dosage: Adults 2 – 7 drops 1-3x a day; children from 12 years 7 drops per day; children 3 – 12 years 2 drops per day, half an hour before or after the meal. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Administer ideally diluted with a glass of water, or directly by drops in a spoon. To stimulate the process of detoxification increase your intake of fluids within the period of the regeneration process. After three weeks it is necessary to interrupt the application for one week.

Storing: Store in a dry place, out of direct sunlight, at a temperature 10-25 °C. Keep away from frost. Keep out of reach of children.

Side Effects: No known side effects. In the event of any side effects, consult all further use of this product with your medical practitioner, pharmacist or an Energy consultant.

Disclaimer: This product is not intended for children under 3 years of age. If you are pregnant or nursing please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this product. Suitable for diabetics. Food supplements should not be used instead of a varied balanced diet. This product is not a medicinal drug, and it cannot be mistaken for a prescribed drug. Korolen product does not have any approved curative effects. This product has been approved as a dietary supplement.

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We are the official partner of ENERGY GROUP,  a. s. company which produces natural products. They are original a Czech company that has been on the market for over 20 years.

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8 reviews for Energy KOROLEN 30 ml

  1. 5 out of 5

    Blanka S.

    Well, about ten years ago, out of nowhere, my right eye eclipsed. This eclipse seemed gray in front of my eye the sail, which after about three minutes began to “tear” and the holes they were bordered by a silver-gold light until the sail disappeared completely. This phenomenon reminded me in about 3 months and then almost it came regularly, the interval gradually shortened slightly.

    Whenever “it” subsided, I was frightened by the thought of what if “it” didn’t end? What if “it” happened in both eyes? During the eye examination, the doctor thoroughly examined both of them eyes, but she found nothing. She thought it was either a neurological or vascular problem. I graduated gradually
    UTZ examination of carotid, EEG, MR and CT of the brain. Everything without finding, they found nothing anywhere.

    So I remembered the second option and took it treatment into your own hands, Korolen. That “it” responds to Korolen, I found out right at the beginning. I was eager to put it on “Horse” dose and the result came that day after a while, in in the form of another attack. So I started from the minimal doses and gradually increased them. I’ve always used concentrate 3 weeks, she took a week off until I reached the maximum benefits. I gradually reduced them again. After about half a year I did she realized that no eclipse was taking place anymore – to this day! A few months later at a lecture at the University of the Third age offered to measure the permeability of blood vessels by some instrument. Then I was already 60 years old and my blood vessel patency was measured at 95%. So I took this as a bonus for patient self-medication with Korolen, which made me double happy.

  2. JOuStore.com

    Blanka, thank you for sharing your inspirational story with Energy KOROLEN Drops.

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    Fast delivery, thanks.

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    Good quality.

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    The product is firmly packed.

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    The product is firmly packed.

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    Good quality.

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    The product is firmly packed.

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