Energy Cistus Complex: The Natural Way To Fight Viruses Using Cistus Incanus

Cistus Incanus - Rockrose

Energy Cistus Complex: The Natural Way To Fight Viruses Using Cistus Incanus

Energy Cistus Complex is a natural product that has the concentration of 45% CISTUS INCANUS as part of its components.

Do you know that the composition of cistus in a product has been shown to treat respiratory tract infections caused by viruses?

Yes, viral diseases like Covid 19.

Cistus incanus, also known as rock rose, is a species of Cistus – a wild natural herb good for respiratory health.  Being a flowering plant common to Mediterranean parts of Southern Europe and North America, cistus is renown to inhibit the growth and prevalence of viruses.

The diverse antiviral components of cistus incanus have demonstrated the ability to treat the virus that affects the upper respiratory tract by reducing symptoms and inflammations.

And you have nothing to worry about. As a natural herb, there have been no side effects of managing infections caused by fungi, bacteria and chlamydia using Cistus.

Based on recent scientific research and a clinical study conducted in Germany, administering cistus tablets reduced the transfer of infection from the nasopharynx to the bronchi and lungs. It was also revealed that, as a natural substance, the human system was more tolerant than in any other administration.

Is it safe to claim that cistus is a highly beneficial contributor to the prevention of viral diseases like Covid 19?

In fact, as a natural product, it will even go a long way to enable a breakthrough in the activities of researchers to find antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral solutions to infections that exist and may exist in the future. That’s so much to look forward to.

Citus Complex - The Natural Way To Fight Viruses Using Cistus Incanus

What’s the best Cistus Incanus Product?

With the recurrence of virus and the increasing resistance of Covid to antibiotics, products that contain cistus incanus have become the best bet. And a product like Energy Cistus Complex helps you to achieve the best result.

How does Energy Cistus Complex work?

Energy Cistus Complex drops can be diluted with water or taken directly before or after meal based on the recommended daily dose.

  • It gives immunity to the respiratory tract.
  • Protects the body cells from being infected by viruses.
  • It prevents tissue damage.
  • It prevents the activities of viral envelope proteins in many viruses and kills the process of growth.

What’s more?

Cistus Complex Energy has been approved as a dietary supplement. This is because extracts from the cistus incanus leaves contain important elements needed by the body such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron. But it should not be used to replace a balanced diet.

You should also note that cistus incanus is only an effective concentrate in dealing with respiratory tract viruses and infections. What this implies is that Cistus Complex Drops doesn’t and cannot replace other Covid 19 prevention measures that have been medically recommended.

Do you have further questions about this product? Check Energy Cistus Complex 30 ml out on our store.

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