The Ultimate Cross-Border E-Commerce Shipping To China: Answering All Your Questions

Cross-Border E-Commerce Shipping To China

The Ultimate Cross-Border E-Commerce Shipping To China: Answering All Your Questions

First of all, thank you. Being here means you love our products, and you are ready to make a purchase. Since we are about making the process smooth and piece of cake easy, we will walk you through the steps of shipping our products to China once the order is placed. We do the heavy lifting for you and ensure your products sail through to your doorstep without a single incidence.

Let’s get the show on the road.

Before we start, here’s a sneak peek of what you should expect in this guide;

  • “Positive” List Products
  • Payment Methods
  • CBEC Custom Clearance Step By Step

“Positive” List Products

The question that comes top of your mind is: can I legally ship my product from across the border to China through the cross-border e-commerce (CBEC) protocol?

Here is a comprehensive list of products that you can legally import to China from Europe to answer that question.  

Several categories of the products you can import include;

  • Clothing
  • Fitness products
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Healthy Dry Foods and spices
  • Vitamins
  • Baby Foods
  • Selected Dairy Products such as cheese and milk
  • Selected seafood

This is merely grazing on the surface. It is a long list. Luckily, our products are categorized in the “positive” list.

Payment Methods

Now that you know you can get our products shipped to China without much trouble, it is time you know how you can make payments.

You do not have to worry about fluctuating exchange rates; WeChat Pay and Ali Pay got your back on cross border e-commerce transactions. In fact, we have a WeChat Mini Program to help you make and ship orders in record time.

Payment method by AliPay or WechatPay

CBEC Custom Clearance Step by Step

Our Shipping and Clearance Protocol

Once you check out and pay for products from us, your part is done. We will ship your order via DHL Express to deliver your products to your address in two days (maybe longer due to COVID-19). On the way, you can track the status of your order online to know where it is in real-time. Customs already have the information about your order, and they know how much you should pay for each item. They will conduct you once you pick up your package with the details about the amount you should pay (customs fee and VAT). You can pay with WeChat Pay without leaving the comfort of your office or home. See the image below which we got from our Chinese client (Shenzhen, China).

JOuStore - Parcel arrived to our China client

Shipping by Post

We only use DHL Express to ship your order to your doorstep and help you bypass a lot of hassle

Here is what you would typically go through shipping your products by third-party logistics

Step #1: Pre-registration of Products with China’s Customs

Upon registration, customs will generate a unique identification number for each product. When the products come through the border, customs will only have to cross-check the unique ID number to confirm if it is on the “positive” list. It accelerates the pace of clearing your products and delivering them in a good time.

Step #2: Submitting Order, Payment, and Logistic Details to China’s Customs

After your order is placed, confirmed, and paid for; you should submit all the information to the CBEC public service platform.

Step #3: Online Products Inspection

All the information related to your order is transferred to China E-Port. It is the platform with the mandate to operate and supervise e-commerce activities. The items are cross-checked to ensure they meet all set parameters. In the case of missing information, you will be contacted to provide the missing details.

Step #4: Completing Customs Clearance

Once your order and items meet all criteria, they are cleared to enter China. The next step is working on domestic logistics to deliver your products to your address.

Wrapping Up

Do you feel like there is an area we have left out or an issue we have not addressed? Let us know and we will happily answer you.

Visit our store now, order our products, and we will deliver them to you as soon as possible.

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